No online reservations within 24 hrs of arrival.
Please call to make a same day booking : 9440 4088

8am til 11am: Walk in / No Reservations

1St Sitting: 11.45am    |    2nd Sitting : 1.30pm

AFTERNOON from 3pm
Walk ins accepted for street tables only. Inside tables may be reserved for evening sittings.

1st Sitting: 5.45pm    |   2nd Sitting:  7.30pm


Booking Capacity: Max of 6 adults per booking (this is due to table & seating configuration of our venue)
Times: Sitting times are strict and punctuality is required.
Waiting: Patrons are not permitted to linger and wait for a table on the premises or adjoining footpath.
Dining: Patrons must sit at their allocated table for all food and beverage service.
Running Late: If you are more than 10 minutes, it is likely that your table will be given away to a waiting customer.
Cancellations: Please be courteous and remember to cancel if need be especially if you are feeling unwell.
Payments: Card payments accepted at your table. (Visa / M.Card / Amex / EFT)
Menus: Our food menus are single use, please keep them at your table until your departure from the venue.
Updates: Please check our website for updates on trading times and menu offerings.
Hygiene: Please wash your hands regularly and practise hygiene measure at all times.
Your Details: Please provide your full name and mobile number to our team upon being seated.

Tues 3rd Nov: Closed during the morning for event setup. Open from 12 noon.